GrowerNode™: Web Enabled Sensing & Control for Greenhouses & Gardens

GrowerNode™ Greenhouse Automation Products

GrowerNode™ is the name for our remote control and data gathering modules that are used for greenhouse and garden environmental sensing and control systems. Our interest lies mainly in helping you, our customer, expand regular home automation systems from the house to the garden and into the greenhouse environment.

You can monitor security and all aspects of environmental conditions: soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, solar radiation, etc. These data sources can subsequently control all aspects of the growing environment: nutrient flow, water distribution, HVAC, shade systems, vent openers, etc.

These systems can be used locally or over an encrypted secure connection via the Internet using phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

We do not promote any one particular home controller system as there are many choices available these days, with different protocols: Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Our company policy is to engineer our motors, actuators, valves and other devices so that they can be interfaced with any home controller of your choosing.

This policy also means you can later switch to a different controller system if you don't like the way your current one works.

All our active equipment (motors, valves, electronics) are powered by low voltage 12v DC, making our systems completely compatible with simple RV backup batteries and/or solar charging.

Summary of features:

  • Perfect companion products for solar greenhouse kits
  • Highly scalable solutions
  • Affordable sensing & control system. Add sensors and actuators to suit
  • Compatibility with browser based or app operation by web enabled phone, tablet, or PC
  • Radio compatibility with our hand held and wall mount multi-channel remotes
  • Low power consumption and 12v DC operation fully compatible with solar powered systems
  • Full battery backup can be accomplished with inexpensive RV, marine, or golf cart batteries
  • As primary company policy, we fully support chemical-free organic growing methods (no GMO)

We think one of the most advanced greenhouse manufacturers in the world are the folks at SunCatcher Passive Solar Greenhouses. We were fortunate to be contacted by Dr. Terry Carroll (M.A., Ph.D.), principal scientist and CEO of the company, when he was looking for control systems and devices that could be run by solar power alone. That capability has always been a principal focus of ours, and it turned out our equipment fit the bill.

Later, we had a great session with Terry when he and his son Josh visited us late fall in 2014. Terry has a huge background in theoretical physics and we learned a tremendous amount from his visit. Their greenhouse designs exhibit a near perfect balance of temperature and CO2 concentration, without any automation. If you're interested to learn more about year-round growing without fossil fuels (even in cold environments) please visit their SunCatcher Greenhouse website.

You can also follow along with the construction of our prototype greenhouse construction, the 'Islander'. As the system develops, we'll be discussing the application of our GrowerNode™ system of greenhouse sensors and control systems.

Watch this page for future announcements or visit our sister divisions at RollerTrol Automation Systems™ and RT Automatic Blinds and Shades™ for more information. Thanks for your visit.