GrowerNode™: Web Enabled Sensing & Control for Greenhouses & Gardens

The Islander greenhouse uses our GrowerNode™ web based system for sensing and control GrowerNode™ is the name for our greenhouse and garden environmental sensing and control system. It is a web based system for sensing/control of greenhouses, gardens and field crops.

Monitor security and all aspects of environmental conditions: soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, solar radiation, etc. Control all aspects of the growing environment: nutrient flow, water distribution, HVAC, shade systems, vent openers, etc.

This system can be used locally or over an encrypted secure connection via the Internet on phones, tablets or your PC.

All inputs and motor output control are in the one single browser interface. It is also powered by safe, low voltage 12v DC; all sensors, motors, actuators and electronics are completely compatible with a solar powered system.

We have created the 'Islander', a very smart and sturdy greenhouse kit that can be easily constructed by novice builders. The entire kit is pre-cut, so you do not have to cut anything - just drill, bolt, screw and nail it together.

At 8x12 (96 sq ft), it does not require a building permit in most places, but you should check with your local authorities (100 sq ft is typically the permit requirement threshold).

The design was generated in Sketchup, the awesome free 3D CAD design system. The Sketchup plan file can be purchased for $20 and you can modify the design any which way you like. The system also comes with companion files that will automatically generate a cutlist (and pricing) for your local building supply company to prepare.

For those of you that like it just the way it is, you may want to take advantage of our bundled kit from Home Depot. If you want us to customize it for you, we can do that too.

Summary of features:

  • Affordable structure for our web enabled GrowerNode™ sensing and control kits
  • Minimal cutting required to build; just drill, bolt, screw and hammer
  • Floor, wall and roof modules make assembly easy
  • 8x12 size is under the usual threshold for permit requirement
  • Scalable solution; additional units can be added later
  • Adjustable corner foundation blocks for uneven ground installations
  • Design can be easily modified in Sketchup; automatic cutlist & bill of materials output
  • Light admitting roof panel collects low angle sun energy in winter
  • Structure can be sealed and insulated for winter operation
  • Very strong structure easily takes a heavy snow load
  • Light admitting roof panel opens to vent heat in the summertime
  • Structure is designed to use industrial bubble wrap as insulating window material, but it can be glass, polycarbonate, etc
  • Photovoltaic solar option can adjust angle for maximum output re 'off-the-grid' installations
  • Full battery backup can be accomplished with inexpensive RV, marine, or golf cart batteries

As primary company policy, we fully support chemical-free organic growing methods (no GMO) and our systems are optimized to support that principle.

Watch this page for future announcements or visit RollerTrol™ for more information. Thanks for your visit.

GrowerNode™ Greenhouse Construction Index (The Islander):

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Part 2: Greenhouse Construction: Foundation Layout

Part 3: Greenhouse Construction: Foundation Concrete Footing Pour

Part 4: Greenhouse Construction: Foundation Pier Column Setup

Part 5: Greenhouse Construction: Bubble Wrap Insulation re Floor Joist Modules

Part 6: Greenhouse Construction: Framing the Structure for Bubble Wrap vs Glass Walls

Part 7: Greenhouse Construction: Roof Module Installation

Part 8: Phase 1 Completed, Ready for Finishing Stain & Bubble Wrap Skin